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Harmony; queer, demigirl, ge/gem/gems/gemself or she/her/hers/herself if you must. I've existed 19 years. I blog about: social justice, gender stuff, steven universe, fall out boy, disney, and occasionally homestuck. (Knight of Doom)
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The Wedding, Spoken, Project 86, and Brian “Head” Welch.

I mostly went for The Wedding though :D
I love small shows. I hated the crowd so much last night though, it is really disappointing to see such a great band doing awesome things and a crowd just standing their doing nothing. Matt S. is hilarious though. He jumped into the crowd and started his own circle pit because nobody was doing anything. They had technical trouble the whole set too. I wanted to go rage at the techs.
I don’t see why people pay money to see a show and act like they are watching golf on tv. It really confuses me.
I was glad to go though, I love to scream the lyrics back at the band. The smile on their faces just makes me so happy. When you can tell a band is happy to have you at the show, is just amazing. Those dudes make everything suck less.

All the other bands were great too. The crowd was still lame.

Going to have to go see them again tonight.
Casting Crowns is also tonight.
Such a strange mix.

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